Jonathan Abrams, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
The state of the detailing industry

How new services and operational flexibility helped this market rebound from 2020.

The benefits of closed-loop water reclaim

Calculating the benefits of
collecting and recycling all wash and rinse water.

water reclaim, closed-loop
Site surveillance update

How modern security and recording technology protect carwash profitability.

security camera, surveillance
The case for concentrated chemicals

How operators and customers benefit from a new generation of lean chemistry options.

concentrated chemical container, chemicals
Sliding into the oil change market

Tracking the outlook and trends for carwash owners with multi-profit service operations.

quick lube, oil, oil change, car, engine
Ensuring efficient vacuum systems

Create a checklist to lower energy use and increase vacuum performance.

vacuum systems, vacuums, central vacuum system, carwash, arches, hoses
Modern carwash doors, hardware and maintenance

Learn how updated materials and regular upkeep ensure proper operation and prevent downtime.

carwash door, doors, vinyl, POS system, kiosk, in-bay automatic, tunnel
Carwash winter preparation

Expert tips to keep a car care business safe, functional and profitable in the coldest temperatures.

businessman, cold, winter, snow, computer, office
The science behind carwash soaps

How companies develop new chemistry that improves wash results and performance.

soaps, suds, bubbles, chemicals
Mastering paint protection

The best ways to market and apply paint protection upgrades.

paint protection, wax, polish, machine, car, shine
Critical carwash upgrades

Breaking down new wash technologies that drive efficiency, improve results and increase customer satisfaction.

gears, upgrades, businessman, growth
Modern carwash chemistry solutions

Perfecting chemistry cooperation in a carwash is possible, with a little help.

chemistry, flask, eye dropper, water, chemicals, experiment