Mark Martin, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Paint protection and ceramic coatings

How the popularity of ceramic paint protection has influenced wash chemical formulation.

ceramic coating, detailing, paint protection
Undercarriage washes and rust prevention

Go beyond the basics of underbody care and other vehicle damage.

snow, sludge, slush, rust, undercarriage, car
New vehicle technology update

Avoiding pileups and damage claims via new tunnel features and employee training.

new vehicle technology, car concept
Quick lube basics for wash owners

Why now may be the best time to invest and expand a wash’s menu car care offerings.

oil, quick lube, automotive
Water discharge versus water reuse

Why water reclaim has become important to carwashes of all shapes and sizes.

water, globe, recycling, eco-friendly, environmentalism, water reclaim, water reuse
The importance of carwash chemistry

Pushing the performance of today’s popular chemistry applications.

car, carwash, chemicals, soap, headlight, chemistry
Today’s touch-free carwash technology

Tracking the modern trends that affect the touchless carwash market.

IBA, in-bay automatic, car, wash, carwash, water, touchless, touch-free
Finding the perfect insurance fit

Expert tips for picking the proper insurance coverage and protecting a property’s earning potential.

Formulating carwash chemistry

How proper titration, improved performance and continued learning can boost a wash’s bottom line.

triple foam, blue, pink, mitter curtain, carwash, tunnel
Creating a lucrative customer loyalty program

A selection of best practices to boost the sales and performance of carwash loyalty programs.

dollars, money, cars
Financing a new carwash

The best practices when selecting a carwash loan for upgrades, additions or new locations.

businessman, money, dollars, maze, financing, loans
Success via carwash site design

Carwash design experts explain how site layout drives customer loyalty and boosts sales.

carwash, carwash sign, entrance, entrance sign, driveway, street, site design, carwash site design