Phil Ashland, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Explaining chemical pH

Ensuring the proper titration and application of chemistry boosts wash performance.

pH, chemicals
Self-serve technologies update

Find out what additions have increased wash sales and pushed profitability.

self-serve carwash
Missing maintenance steps

Learn important tips and steps to avoid downtime.

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Trends in carwash software

Full business monitoring tech stands ready to change the way washes do business.

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Wash trends in auto dealerships

What operators can learn from vehicle service and sales locations that added automated carwashes.

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Managing carwash energy costs

How technology helps carwash owners curtail energy use as utility prices surge.

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Economic update

How presidential politics, community regulations and reevaluating carwash models can affect day-to-day operations.

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Meeting carwash maintenance requirements

The important hows, whys and whens of scheduling carwash site maintenance.

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Common auto damage carwash culprits

How to address the vehicle features that cause service issues and create damage claims at carwash locations.

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Brush up on modern washing

Improve results and prevent damage claims with the newest generation of carwash brushes.

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