Bob Fox, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
The will to win and the will to excel

You may be wondering what kind of advice can a football coach give to a carwash owner? We revisit a Vince Lombardi interview to find out.

The melting pot

The VP of Sonny’s CarWash College discusses welcoming new employees post-acquisition.

Appearances can be deceiving

Through personal and professional anecdotes, the VP of Sonny’s CarWash College tells us the importance of keeping an open mind.

Tightrope walking

Are you walking a tightrope and teetering to keep balance?

The customer is/isn’t always right

The VP of Sonny’s CarWash College explains how to please customers regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

Cutting your losses

The VP of Sonny’s CarWash College takes a look into if it is worth it to pour money into old equipment.

Expressing gratitude for express

The VP of Sonny’s CarWash College takes a look at how carwashing has changed 20 years after adopting the express format.

Bang for your buck!

Tips on making the most of your team’s time at The Car Wash Show™.

New and improved

Learn how CarWash College by Sonny’s The CarWash Factory is enhancing its Equipment Repair course.

The relevance of relevancy

Bob Fox of Sonny’s The CarWash Factory discusses the importance of rewarding hard work.

Tap into the secret of the secret sauce

Sonny’s took the time to talk to Paul Kalscheur, GM of Sonny’s CarWash Water by Velocity, to ask him some questions about water quality and its importance in the wash process.