New and improved

New and improved

Learn how CarWash College by Sonny’s The CarWash Factory is enhancing its Equipment Repair course.

Ever see a commercial that starts with this line: “New and improved!”?  It’s commonly used in advertising, but it always makes me wonder. If the new stuff is “new and improved”, is the prior version “old and terrible”? And if something is new, it can’t be improved, and vice versa, right?  There must be a better way to introduce an improved product without disparaging the product that it is replacing.

CarWash College is soon to introduce some new classes as well as some “enhancements” over the existing content.

At CarWash College we’re splitting one of our mainstay classes, Equipment Repair, into two separate classes. One class will be Sonny’s Tunnel Equipment Repair, focusing strictly on the equipment inside of the tunnel.  And one class will be Sonny’s Backroom Equipment Repair, focusing solely on support equipment.  This will be a clean break and a more focused approach to learning.  

We want to let people know that these new 3-day classes will:

  1. be primarily spent working side by side with Sonny’s techs,
  2. help students learn proper technique from equipment repair experts
  3. feature more focused material eliminates the complexity for the student learning.

How do we communicate that our revised Maintenance Class includes the same great content as before but is condensed into a 3-day class so that managers can get back to their washes sooner?   How do we do this without calling it “new and improved?”

And finally, what’s the best way to go about spreading the word that the new online and in-person classes will contain maintenance and repair techniques from some of our new acquisitions of PECO, Hydra-Flex, Velocity Water Works and STI Belt Conveyors? While these classes are new, they aren’t really improved because they never existed before. Should they just be introduced as “new” and not improved? What about something like “Introductory”? That’s not really catchy though.

As you can see, I’m in quite the quandary as to how to promote this new content. The old tried and true method of “New and Improved” may fit the bill here. Afterall, we have added the “New” and have “Improved” the rest. Maybe I shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel.

How’s this sound, “CarWash College is proud to introduce new and improved classes for 2022!”

That actually sounded kind of cheesy. How about, “Revised and enhanced classes coming soon!”

No, that sounds lame too.

Oh well, I tried. I guess I’ll let our marketing department handle that.  In the meantime, I’ll be here working on the new content.

Thanks for all your support.

All the best!

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