Bud Abraham, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Detailing for newbies 

What should new detailers focus on and, as important, not focus on?

Detailing your services

Listening to customers and understanding what they are looking for.

Partnering with auto dealers for profit

Carwash detailing departments can reap high profits by delivering
good work quickly and reliably.

Selling need, not price

How to sell detailing services at the carwash.

detailing, need, price
To detail or not to detail?

The difficult question facing many carwash operators is: Should they commit to a program of “professional detailing”?

detailing, polisher, detail
Express plus

The carwash concept of the future.

express plus detailing
How to price auto detail services

Don’t sell price; sell need and value.

car, steering wheel, money
The evolution of express detailing

A look at how the carwash industry spurred innovation in the detailing market.

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Different types of carpet cleaning

“Keep Up” cleaning top of the pile and part of the pile itself.

Restore headlights so they shine bright

Dull headlights can be dangerous. Give your customers clear headlights and earn more profits.

The different types of carpet cleaning

As a professional, you must be aware of these three dimensions and should have the chemicals, equipment, procedures and knowledge to clean them efficiently (fast) and effectively (clean).

Getting down to the “nitty gritty”

Understanding the science that goes behind proper and thorough carpet cleaning.