Charles Brady, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Adding a lasting shine with ceramics

How a new generation of formulations provides durable protection to vehicle surfaces.

shine, water, rain, droplets, water retention, beading
Preventing on-site accidents

Expert tips to educate employees and ensure safety for bustling wash businesses.

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Strategies to prevent noise issues

Steps to contain carwash tunnel noise when operating near residential areas.

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Perfecting tire shine application

Steps for properly shining tires and promoting the popular upsell service.

tire, tires, tire shine
Blown away with energy-efficient dryers

How performance upgrades and new features can ramp down operating costs for dryer equipment.

dryers, dryer, car, tunnel
Optimizing dryer volume and efficiency

How modern equipment lowers sound levels while increasing customer satisfaction.

dryer, car, carwash
Boosting carwash chemical performance

Driving results and profits via high-quality chemistry, proper storage practices and added services.

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Breaking down LED cost savings

How carwash owners can research, plan and calculate before a lighting upgrade.

G&G LED Lighting, vacuum lighting, LEDs, vacuum arches
How to prolong carwash towel life

Steps to both increase towel life and improve customer retention.

microfiber towel, car, windshield, wiping, hand
Today’s carwash arches explained

Why carwash owners depend on arches to complete multiple services.

carwash, arch, arches, water, windshield, car
Crafting the ideal carwash menu

How new owners can balance the science and art of carwash menu creation.

carwash menu, signage, pricing, wash packages
Accepting carwash payments, assessing e-commerce

With multiple payment resources available, finding secure and successful options requires research.

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