Chris McKenna, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Tips for a carwash manager

Do you need to hire a manager, or can you take care of it yourself?

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Innovative marketing

Everything, from your customer service to pricing, markets your wash.

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The benefits of express carwashing

For new operators, express carwashes are the new go-to model.

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How to manage carwash labor talent

From recruitment to training, incentivizing and retaining.

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Water conservation insight

In times of drought, save water and boost profits.

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Upselling high-end customers

Marketing techniques to help you attract a higher end customer base.

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How fleet accounts impact your bottom line

Catering to fleet accounts can help bring in more profits for your car care business.

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What you need to know when building a new tunnel carwash

Set your sights on the revenue at the end of the carwash tunnel.

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New carwash construction guidelines

Following the right procedures can ensure a successful launch for your new carwash.

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Benefits of computer technology

How modern computer systems can keep your carwash running at maximum efficiency.

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A closer look at self-serves and in-bay automatics

For any carwash model, management and oversight are essential components for efficient operations.

A closer look
Smart advertising can attract more customers

How to take advantage of the back-in-school season.

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