Eugene Allen, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Door design updates and maintenance

Maintain rollers to make sure tunnels and bays stay functional during operational peaks.

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Bug off: the basics of insect removal

How to address caked-on insect remains without damaging vehicle surfaces.

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Insurance for emergencies

Selecting the best coverage options to protect an operator’s business and personal interests.

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Pushing pet wash profits

Learn more about the best tactics to drive sales via today’s high-technology pet care equipment.

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IBA advantages

Why this established wash format remains popular despite sweeping industry changes.

IBA, soft-touch, in-bay automatic
Modern marketing with LED lighting

Attract attention, sell services and increase customer loyalty with updated lighting options.

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Pet washing and interior services

How to earn more by washing pets and addressing vehicle messes animals can make.

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Best practices for carwash brushes

Learn the specifics of brush construction as well as proper inspection intervals.

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Modernize your carwash to stay competitive

How upgrades can help operators keep up with the ever-changing car care industry.

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A look into surveillance system upgrades

Learn why today’s versatile cameras and networks are easier to install and use.

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The basics of carwash site design

Tips for finding the ideal site and making it eye-catching.

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Carwash headaches: New vehicle technology

How carwash locations can stay one step ahead of troublesome new automotive technology.

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