Micheal Rose, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Membership tips and tricks

Proven methods to add more monthly wash club customers.

membership, loyalty
The capabilities of tunnel controllers

Tunnel controllers connect all phases of operation with a full lineup of
functions and features.

brain, circuits, electrical, tunnel, controller
The art and science of carwash menus

Presentation tips to upsell wash packages and promote monthly programs.

carwash, menus, pay stations
Upgrading carwash chemistry

How learning more about modern chemicals can pay off for wash operators.

lava, hot wax, carwash chemistry
Effective drying for self-serve washes

Learn the specifics of adding handheld blower systems to do-it-yourself carwash bays.

self-serve carwash, dryer, bay, car, signage, drying
How to prepare a carwash for winter

Battling cold winter temperatures and preventing the havoc that equipment freeze-ups can cause.

carwash, winter, site, vacuums, tunnel
Best practices for water quality and testing

Proper treatment steps and smart usage suggestions for today’s modern carwash locations.

water, molecule, water quality
Fine-tuning chemistry delivery

Tips to regulate chemical use, monitor performance and ensure proper operation.

wax, soap, car, chemistry, bubbles
Double duty carwash signage

How carwash signs both ensure safety and marketing services.

signage, warning, safety
The demise of driveway washing

Carwashing at home or in a parking lot is on the decline, but there’s still work to do.

Pushing POS system performance

Experts share best practices and the most popular features for modern POS systems.

POS system, interface, customer, sales, upgrade
What to know about carwash water recycling

Why the importance of recycling water in the carwash process cannot be overstated.

water, leaf, environmental protection, environment, water recycling