June 2018 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
The sensory carwash experience

Set the stage for the experience of a lifetime.

lighted brush wheel, LEDs, lighting, foam, chemicals, curtain, tunnel, conveyor, experience
The evolution of pet washes

Pet washes have come far over the last few years.

dog, pet washes, pet wash, wet, water, soap
Carwash insurance 101

A breakdown of the various types of insurance for a carwash.

insurance, tornado damage, hurricane, wreck, building
Repairing pothole damage

Tips for helping a car recover from “pothole season.”

tire, pothole, damage, rim
Choosing the right towel for the job

Examining the best types of towels for different detailing uses.

towel, towels, microfiber, terry cloth, waffle-weave
Today’s touch-free carwash technology

Tracking the modern trends that affect the touchless carwash market.

IBA, in-bay automatic, car, wash, carwash, water, touchless, touch-free
Modern carwash doors, hardware and maintenance

Learn how updated materials and regular upkeep ensure proper operation and prevent downtime.

carwash door, doors, vinyl, POS system, kiosk, in-bay automatic, tunnel
The state of the carwash industry in 2018

Is professional carwashing still letting the good times roll?

covered car, results, carwash industry
Profile of carwash success: Mike’s Carwash and Crew Carwash

Celebrating a 70-year legacy.