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Study: Pesky birds bomb red cars the most

WORCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND — After reading this study, detailers may want to avoid parking red and blue customer cars under trees and power lines forever.

Marvelous modern controllers

Precise measurements and computer connectivity push tunnel profitability and increase efficiencies.

The variables of vending

Products and price points help owners pick the perfect vendors for car care properties. Using the newest technology, it’s easier than ever to place offerings front and center.

Remember the tires

As customers are looking for one-stop shops for their car upkeep needs, air pump machines can be the perfect profit center addition for many carwash locations.

Add-on services and POS functionality

Offering additional services can dramatically increase your business’ profits, while modern POS systems will make sure your business is running smoothly and that your customers keep them coming back.

A West Coast perspective on flex serves vs. unions

Presenting one man’s opinion on how unions are impacting the carwashing industry.