Thomas Hawkins, Author at Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Setting up for carwash success

Learn the process for planning and constructing a location that is built to win.

car, blueprints, success, setup, carwash
Clear communication with signage and menus

Solving the mystery of effective visual communication with carwash customers.

menu, menus, signage
Quick lube additional profits

The basics of researching and planning an oil change facility for a carwash location.

quick lube, oil change, car
Advances in POS systems

How modern systems connect wash payments, daily reportage, site monitoring and operational controls.

POS system, analytics, March 2019
Working with new vehicle technologies

Find out what safety systems cause the most issues for carwash operators.

new vehicle technology, self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles
An overview of flat belt conveyors and maintenance

Equipment that brings motion to today’s carwash tunnels.

conveyor belt, carwash, flat belt conveyors
Friction IBAs evolve

How brush materials, equipment speeds and added services are driving success for IBA locations.

friction IBA, in-bay automatic, carwash
Common carwash financing options

Learn the basics about lending agreements available to today’s carwash operators.

financing options, loan, application
Boosting carwash brush and curtain performance

How modern materials and regular brush maintenance can enhance performance and prevent vehicle damage.

carwash brush, window, water
Offering headlight restoration services

Clearing up the finer points of headlight restoration services.

headlight restoration, polisher, car, detailing
The ins and outs of ice vending

Thaw out frozen profits with ice vending sales.

ice cubes, ice vending, melting, water, condensation
The best reasons to upgrade your carwash’s equipment

How high demand for services, new technology and low interest rates are driving widespread carwash updates.

carwash, carwash equipment, equipment, brushes, water, tunnel, upgrade