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2022 Honoree

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Notable Acts of Charity

  • $10,000 fundraiser for the Strongsville Education Foundation.
  • $7,700 fundraiser for the Streetsboro Educational Foundation. 
  • Current/active fundraiser for the Cuyahoga Falls Education foundation and Alumni Association.
  • Current/active Thanksgiving food drive (several years).
  • Teachers and Healthcare Heroes Free Wash and giveback campaign (several years).
  • Support of Boys Scout organization, Big Brother Big Sister campaigns, Relay for Life, Toys for Tots, Harvest for Hunger, Ride for Valor supporter, Caring for Kids Campaign, community cleanup projects, Meals on Wheels and ongoing. 
  • Numerous in-kind donations.
  • Director of Growth and Development and company founder Brian Krusz took a personal trip to Poland to help with the Ukrainian refugees (outside the company, raised $66,000-plus for the effort).
Sgt. Clean Car Wash

Community Impacts

For the past nine-plus years we have been focused on community support and involvement. According to Krusz, his grandfather used to ask, “When have you paid your community rent?” This statement has been a huge part of his life and living a life of service. This rings true in our company. Paying our communities’ rent has been a great part of our day to day (smiling, waving, present, etc.) and actually being part of the communities we serve. Showing our team members we care about our community and it is more than just washing cars is vital to our company and our values. We attract better team members by what we do for our communities. Birds of a feather, flock together.