January 2017 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Profile of carwash success: Ultimate Shine Express Car Wash

Bringing the past and present together.

Ultimate Shine Express Car Wash
Permeate your wash with customer experience

Can a carwash brew the same branding success as Starbucks?

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Establishing a carwash safety program

Slacking on safety can literally cost an arm and a leg.

carwash safety best practices, safety, training, employees, mentor, carwash tools
Reach customers with carwash text message marketing

A veteran carwash professional explains how best to reach customers today.

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What to know about carwash water recycling

Why the importance of recycling water in the carwash process cannot be overstated.

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Power up your marketing plan

Ignorance can be bliss, while also costing you a fortune.

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Winter services: a carwash additional profit center

’Tis the season for new investors to provide special services and products.

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Dry conditions highlight driveway washing’s downfall

Drought and awareness elevate a need for professional carwashing.

Growth in drought