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Infographic: Where next for car technology?

As the reality for self-driving cars draws close, other futuristic technologies may soon find themselves in vehicles.


The automobile industry evolves quickly. Manufacturers are always producing upgraded motors with more advanced technological features than ever before. Indeed, if you’re not incorporating technological innovations into your latest models, you run a huge risk of falling behind the competition and being perceived as a Luddite company.

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In 2017, we have arrived at the advent of vehicle autonomy. While fully self-driving cars are a ways off yet, there are some features where a vehicle seems to have a mind of its own, such as lane change, hill assist and the convenient parallel parking assist, whereby the vehicle can reverse itself into a tight parking spot. Safety features are also becoming prevalent, such as the collision avoidance system that detects potentially hazardous activity from the driver and emits a warning sound that you’d like to think would trigger remedial action on the driver’s part.

The staff at Southside Motor Factors in Dublin, Ireland, created this infographic which profiles 10 of the latest and greatest automotive technology innovations, offering further proof that cars have come a long way since the days when electric windows seemed revolutionary.

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Neil Tohill is the director of Southside Motor Factors, an automobile accessories shop in Dublin, Ireland. He often writes content about issues related to motoring and enjoys discussing car-related topics with like-minded individuals.

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