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Wash Talk ep. 119: Big draw vacuums

Insights on the benefits of modern carwash vacuum technology and design.

Site insights

The state of site selection and design from two operators’ perspectives.

Flow and grow with site design

Experts offer tips to elevate convenience and experience.

site design, carwash, oil change, quick lube
Video of the Week: ‘Tunnel of Terror’

DAPHNE, Ala. — One Rich’s Car Wash location is giving its customers a scare with the wash.

Halloween, haunted tunnel, glass, scream mask, terror
Improving images with LEDs

Lights are not just for cameras — they’re also for action.

LEDs, lighting, carwash, car, brushes
Producing a thematic carwash experience

Making a memorable experience is all about putting on a show.

carwash, brushes, lights, water, arch, purple
Practical appearance enhancements to attract carwash business

Keeping up appearances is critical for carwashes.

flowers, landscaping, site appearance, site cleaning and maintenance, signage
How LEDs can boost appearance and profits for carwashes

Improvements in LED technology can help carwashes improve their sites’ lighting and, possibly, their bottom lines.

LEDs, LED technology, lighting, investment, good idea, innovation
Building your business beyond curb appeal

Sensory carwash features can make or break customers’ experiences.