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Starting a Carwash

Wash Wisdom: Tips for choosing carwash uniforms

Keeping your staff professionally dressed is part of your brand and marketing.


Part of a carwash’s attractive site appearance that can help draw in customers from the road is a team of well-dressed employees in uniforms. Carwashes, like restaurants, are part of the service industry, and as such, we’ve taken some tips from the article “Sharp Tips for a Sharp-Dressed Restaurant Staff” by contributor Jenny Bloom on and adapted them for the carwash industry:

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  • Choose a style to reflect your business’ tone. Your employees are cleaning cars, so even if you want to attract high-end customers, you’re not going to have them doing their jobs in suits and ties. (Those not touching the cars, though, is another matter.) However, if you’re going for a casual feel for your carwash, issuing T-shirts as uniforms is acceptable. If you want to add a little more professionalism to your staff’s look, go for collared shirts, like polos.
  • Don’t forget accessories. Carwashing is an outdoor service, so provide hats, coats, gloves and non-slip boots, if applicable, as part of the uniform to prepare workers for all seasons. Consider if some members of your staff require specialty items that others do not, i.e. maintenance workers. Also, consider which pieces of wear will boast your logo (think shirts, coats and hats) and which ones don’t require it.
  • Choose colors to reflect your branding. Colors convey messages. Cool tones, such as blues and greens, reflect a calmer, more relaxing environment, while warm and vibrant tones, such as reds and yellows, suggest more fun or exciting locales. Darker colors, such as black or navy, paired with white or beige suggest a more professional look.
  • Keep employees comfortable with the right fabric. With soap and grime flying everywhere, employees will appreciate fabrics that are easy to wash. Also, if your employees are constantly outside in the heat or are running around all day, choose fabrics that are loose, breathe easily and absorb sweat, like cotton or viscose. Don’t choose clingy materials like nylon that can be uncomfortable for employees and unsightly for customers.

For more tips, read the original article here.

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