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2022 Honoree

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Notable Acts of Charity

Tidal Wave Auto Spa takes great pride in its charitable efforts, headlined by an annual Charity Day. Since 2008, Charity Day has been hosted on the third Friday of September. Each location selects a local charity or nonprofit group to receive 50% of its gross sales for that day. The local charity is also invited to come to the site to support its cause. The other 50% of the proceeds are donated to Annandale Village, an award-winning nonprofit organization in Suwanee, Georgia, dedicated to providing progressive life assistance to adults with developmental disabilities. Since its start in 2004, Tidal Wave and its founders, Scott and Hope Blackstock, have focused their charitable efforts on supporting organizations that serve adults and children with special needs. In 2022, Tidal Wave raised over $350,000, bringing the total amount raised over the event’s 14-year history to more than $1 million and in 2022, Tidal Wave and its founders donated an additional $100,000 to refurbish and update the activity/programs center on the Annandale Village campus. In addition to Charity Day, Tidal Wave offers local community organizations fundraising opportunities year-round. Qualified organizations purchase carwash coupons at a discounted rate, which allows them to sell the coupons for a premium that the organization uses to meet their funding needs. Since 2020, charities, schools and other nonprofit organizations have raised over $1.2 million with Tidal Wave fundraisers.

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Community Impacts

Carwash fundraisers from bygone days are reminiscent of young volunteers, sponges and buckets in hand, waving “WASH ME” signs at busy intersections. Tidal Wave believed that there had to be a better way. Its first charity events focused on moving fundraisers to the safety of its lots, with proper resources and supplies. Fundraising groups quickly found they could raise more money doing it this way, making it both easier and safer. As demand grew, Tidal Wave realized it needed more ways to help these organizations. The company began partnering with charitable organizations to allow them to sell carwash coupons directly, becoming a very effective way to raise donations. A Tidal Wave of concern has led to a Tidal Wave of giving, leading to a Tidal Wave of difference.