October 2017 Archives - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
Record hurricane weather affects millions

U.S. responds with bravery, kindness and courage.

hurricane, storm, ocean
8 factors customers use to determine patronage

Eight factors people consider when choosing a carwash to patronize.

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Evolving self-serve equipment

Learn more about the latest advances and improvements for self service wash locations.

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Tips to prevent slips

Protect people and profits from slips, trips and falls.

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New surveillance system upgrades

A look at new surveillance technology available to the carwash industry.

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Profile of carwash success: Bixby Knolls Car Wash and Detail Center

Celebrating 40 years of dedication and success.

Bixby Knolls Car Wash and Detail Center
Practical appearance enhancements to attract carwash business

Keeping up appearances is critical for carwashes.

flowers, landscaping, site appearance, site cleaning and maintenance, signage
Buying versus building a carwash

What you need to know before buying a carwash.

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NRCC 2017 post-show review

The regional show was filled with entertainment, recognition, learning and networking.

NRCC 2017
Boosting carwash brush and curtain performance

How modern materials and regular brush maintenance can enhance performance and prevent vehicle damage.

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How to prolong carwash towel life

Steps to both increase towel life and improve customer retention.

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Formulating carwash chemistry

How proper titration, improved performance and continued learning can boost a wash’s bottom line.

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