New surveillance system upgrades - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

New surveillance system upgrades

A look at new surveillance technology available to the carwash industry.

In recent times, the carwashing industry has experienced tremendous growth that’s expected to increase by an estimated annualized rate of 1.7 percent through 2021, according to an IBISWorld Industry Report. Carwash owners, operators and auto retailers are looking for up-to-date recommendations and information that will help them ensure that their security needs are identified.

Security camera technology has vastly improved in the last decade. These modern offerings allow for more affordable systems with higher resolution.

Better vision with modern upgrades

Prior to the arrival of new camera technology, it was often problematic to identify and report events after they had occurred, due to older systems’ inability to provide clear footage. It became increasingly difficult to identify a perpetrator based on camera footage alone.

The creation of this new technology simplified the process, allowing the opportunity to identify and immediately report any criminal activity. Some of the new technology available includes the ability to capture a vehicle’s license plate, make, model and color.

 This advanced technology offers many benefits, including:

  • Clearer video
  • Mobile, web-based monitoring
  • Hassle-free recording.

All of these benefits have been found to be beneficial in the surveillance of carwash establishments.

With proper system design and professional recommendations, you will have the ability to choose camera locations that would serve as your eagle-eye in the monitoring of activities. Security cameras can help to achieve the following:

  • Deterring vandalism or theft
  • Preventing unsubstantiated damage claims
  • Aiding in identifying criminal activity
  • Monitoring activities in real-time
  • Increasing return on investment (ROI).

In order to give you a clearer understanding of the new technology available to the carwash industry today, let us consider the following industry-specific talking points.

Surveillance technology available today

Today, more than ever before, new surveillance innovations are being launched with one goal in mind: keeping businesses profitable as well as hassle-free. Most of the security camera technologies available to carwash owners today are highly revered for their ruggedness and high compression capacity for instant remote accessibility.

Included features are reliable motion detection, long- and wide-range lenses with HD video as well as the highest weatherproof ratings. Other notable qualities include software improvements, such as cross-line detection; notifications; and analytics, including people counting, traffic counting and license plate recognition.

New versus old camera systems

New camera security systems offer a number of upgrades in comparison to the older versions, such as higher resolution per dollar, smarter cameras, cheaper storage, easier configuration, better quality control by manufacturers and extended lasting hardware. Modern cameras also have higher compatibility and integration features, with other hardware and software necessary to improve functionality (i.e., lighting, sirens and focus).

The ability to monitor multiple locations simultaneously, capture license plates and survey the area using a smartphone are a few examples of how this new technology can contribute to the security and safety of your carwash.

Specific benefits for carwashes

Security systems are imperative in any trade, but the carwash industry has a number of special factors that makes the need for security even more vital. Blind spots, unmanned sections and heavily trafficked spaces are just a few of the areas in which cameras can help.

A security camera system aids in minimizing damages and reducing theft, in turn increasing ROI.

It is crucial that the cameras are strategically placed and integrated with relevant software to capture relevant events. Notifications, sales tracking, license plate tracking, time and date tracking and receipt tracking are just some of the functions many carwash owners use to achieve better results.

Saving you money

State-of-the-art camera systems are saving carwash owners financial resources, proving their investments profitable. Aside from the fact that it saves you the inconvenience and expense of hiring outside security personnel, it also saves valuable time by allowing you to view multiple locations without being physically present.

Overall, a strategically planned, modern surveillance system can limit damage claims, reduce employee theft, prevent loitering, provide customer and business safety as well as reduce waste.

Updating your surveillance system

Undoubtedly, owners in the carwash industry would benefit from the implementation of the newest advances in surveillance technology. Today, cameras are more affordable than ever, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features, so you can customize the system based on your specific layout. When selecting a security camera company, find one that offers warranties, tech support and excellent customer service.

Installation and utilization

To achieve the desired results, there are several key factors to consider. Choosing cameras with the correct resolution and proper configuration can prove to be an integral part of the process. Other precautions would include mounting and positioning cameras securely and correctly; covering areas of interest and critical activity zones; and making use of all the cameras’ functionalities (rather than just “pointing and shooting”). Utilizing top-quality alerts and notifications will ensure your business is always protected.

Based on the information outlined in this article, it is quite clear that any carwash owner would greatly benefit from the addition of an affordable, high-quality camera system. The newest technological advances allow you the capabilities to view your business from anywhere in the world. What are you waiting for?

Matt Wilson, CEO of A1SecurityCameras, has been in the security camera business for over 10 years. Matt is known for providing consumer-, commercial- and professional-grade equipment to his customers. Since 2007, A1SecurityCameras has been one of the leading security camera resellers in the country. Providing commercial-grade equipment with professional service is how A1 became what it is today. Matt continues to strive for excellence and is succeeding as the A1 brand continues to grow by helping owners manage their businesses safely.

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