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How to Start a Carwash: See where other carwashes are opening across the globe

New car care businesses are opening in Virginia, Nebraska, California, and Texas.


A Youth Outreach Services is running its own detail shop which opened on March 14, according to a Youth Outreach Services blog post.

The detail services require zero water products to clean the vehicles. Department Manager Odell Smith named the business Crown Jewel Detailers. The Outreach program’s first graduate of its “12 Week Job Readiness Mentor Program” works at the detail shop, along with another volunteer.

The plan is to start out by offering waterless washes on Fridays and Saturdays. All the money earned at the detail shop will go back to the program, according to the blog.

McCOOK, Neb.

Customers in Southwest Nebraska have been willing to drive a few extra miles to get “Q-tip clean” interiors, but with a new location opened by Serena and Jerry Yoshida, they will no longer need to travel as far, according to the McCook Daily Gazette.

“For years, people from the McCook area have been coming to our shop in North Platte,” said Jerry Yoshida. “By opening a shop in McCook, we can serve them better, and make new friends in the process.”

The work that the Yoshida family has done over the years is something they’re very proud of. “I’ve had people tell me they bought their vehicle new, and it didn’t look this good,” he said.

The new location will be run by a pair of brothers, Robert and James Jensen. Robert specializes in paint protection and gloss enhancement, and James' specialty is interiors.


While water and drought concerns remain intense in California, a business like Clean Drop Car Wash, which is capable of reclaiming 97 percent of its water, is opening at an opportune time, according to the Manteca Bulletin.          

The article explained the process that allows water to be recycled at such a high rate: “Water carrying rich material washes over a series of channels, and the heavier particles settle on the bottom — sending the water and the lighter, non-precious mixture back out of the end into a returning pool where it can be recycled again.”

The owner of the wash, Hercules Vourakis, wants to use as little water as possible, while providing customers with a great carwash. “When you drive up and select your wash there isn’t the typical up sell  … The machine knows which car you are in line and it goes from there,” Vourakis stated in the story. He also said the wash can be a one person operation.

The wash also offers free vacuums, and has 160-horsepower fans that dry a car after the wash.   


Racer Classic Car Wash held its grand opening celebration on March 14, according to station KCBD.

This location marks the fourth carwash for the Racer Classic franchise.

To coincide with the grand opening, Racer Classic hosted a job fair which called for the filling of 30 positions at various job levels.

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