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How to start a carwash: 10 carwash marketing ideas

Use these techniques to create buzz in your community.


According to the article “10 Marketing Ideas to Grow Car-Wash Profits” by contributor David Dougherty on, “effective marketing campaigns don’t need big-league budgets to reach customers and create buzz.” Dougherty provides some marketing tactics carwashes specifically can use to gather more customers:

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Host a grand opening

  1. Display a countdown. This countdown will serve as a constant reminder about the carwash to everyone who drives by each day. You can use a digital display or a large banner.
  2. Have a grand prize raffle. The winner of the raffle gets free carwashes for a year. Require all entrants to provide an email so that you can build up an e-newsletter base in order to keep connected with them.
  3. Partner with a charity for the event. Doing so promotes the idea of “giving back” locally, which not only encourages people to come but also generates a positive image for your carwash. Donate a portion of the day’s revenue to the charity.

Use tactical, on-site marketing

  1. Utilize large signage. Whether on the building or along the road, take advantage of these great attention-grabbers on your site.
  2. Use IBA wall space. If you have an in-bay automatic (IBA) carwash, utilize the wall space as a way to either promote your other services or, after partnering with local businesses, to promote their companies. You have the customer’s full attention when in that wash, so use it.
  3. Promote with change mats and window clings. If you have a c-store, you can further promote your carwash while customers shop there with such items.
  4. Create a loyalty program. These programs keep customers engaged with discounts and rewards. Consider a subscription program, which provides a fixed income for your wash.

Encourage local loyalty

  1. Have a charity day. Similar to the grand opening event, partner with a local charity on a certain day and give it a portion of your profits. These charity days can bolster business and show you have a commitment to the community.
  2. Use targeted ads in social media. For instance, you can target an ad to people within a 10-mile radius of your location. Social media in general is a great way to engage with the community. Remember not to make everything about the business, however. Stay aware of local happenings and use your social media to reflect those events as well.
  3. Partner with local media outlets. Radio stations and newspapers are cost-effective ways to advertise in the local community. You can work with these outlets to offer such things as on-air prizes in exchange for promotional mentions.

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