Promoting 101: How to advertise your carwash

Promoting 101: How to advertise your carwash

From your social media presence to your logo, is your business’ advertising working?

Some services pose more of a challenge when it comes to advertising. Things like independent coffee shops, nail salons and other small businesses often struggle to attract customers. Carwashes are one of the hardest types of service to promote. Though promoting your carwash business requires extra effort, there is still a demand for this service. Here is a guide on promoting your carwash business.

Social media

Modern day consumers are often influenced to purchase a service or product if they see it advertised online. The amount of people viewing non-virtual ads is decreasing each year. The best thing you can do to fully optimize the promotion of your carwash is to make social media profiles. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are three incredible platforms that can boost your customer base and overall consumer interest. Companies with a strong, popular social media presence often receive more business than companies who don’t use platforms. Younger generations, especially Gen Z and Millennial individuals, are in favor of convenient services such as carwashes. The younger generations use social media the most, so if you are not using it to promote your business, you are not targeting that age demographic.

Ad campaigns

You may not realize the importance of a well-planned, thorough and widely distributed ad campaign. Ad campaigns are used to promote your overall brand but are more specifically used to inform consumers about new products or services. Ensure that you create a budget and frequency for your carwash business ad campaigns. Your budget will determine how advanced and intense you can make your campaign.

Initially, you should spend only what you can afford when promoting your business. Overtime, you can make changes to your budget after analyzing your success. The frequency of your ad campaigns is how often you release new ones. Typically, you should always be advertising your business. But, ad campaigns are separate from daily advertisement methods.

Special sales and new services or products are usually what an ad campaign would focus on. After developing a theme, staying within a balanced budget and knowing what you are promoting specifically, you can create an ad campaign.


Local carwashes, either independent or corporation based, often thrive if they have sponsorships/sponsor other businesses. Building a relationship with a grocery store, radio station, news station or any other powerful corporation will help your business become more successful.      You can sponsor companies or corporations like charities or schools. Usually, service-based businesses, like a carwash, will pay big brands to advertise their company. Whether local or major scale, investing in advertising is important when promoting your carwash business.

Luckily, many sponsorships can be free, although it can be difficult to find fellow businesses to work with. In a genuine sponsorship, both businesses will benefit each other by promoting one another. Reaching out to companies that align with your messages and values is a great way to start landing sponsorships.


Choosing where your store/shop is located may not be a flexible option. If possible, attempt to have your carwash in an area with a high population. The more potential customers you have, the easier it will be to promote your business.

It’s also important to note how your location impacts your business in other ways. The climate of where your business is located can change the demand of your services. If you live in a climate where cars get dirty easily, such as a warm, damp or dusty area, you’ll receive more business. If you live in a cooler, moderate climate, it will be harder to promote your carwash.       Another way your carwash business can be impacted by its location is the type of people that live in the surrounding area. Not all neighborhoods will be full of people who are willing to, can afford or believe that getting their car washed is necessary. If this is the case for your carwashing business, then you will have to do your best to cater to individuals near you. Make the best of your location, and don’t let it cause your business to fail.


We all want free stuff, deals and savings, so make sure to utilize incentives. This is why many people tend to spend more on events like Black Friday, Boxing Day and Cyber Monday. Carwashes aren’t like many businesses that participate in seasonal sales. This still doesn’t mean that you can’t offer a deal for those days so people can save money. On days you have sales, you’ll attract more customers, making more money than on an ordinary day. Take advantage on major sales days and lower down your prices.

Another great way to implement incentives into your carwash business is to start a membership program. Consumers love to feel part of something and get additional treatment. Your membership program can help sway customers to become regulars. You can offer things like savings, a free car wash after a certain point and freebies. Many people only go to a carwash a few times a year; if you use incentives, you’ll make customers want to return more often.

Your company identity and reputation

The biggest goal you should have when focusing on the promotion of your carwash business is to build a name for yourself. Just think of the hundreds and even thousands of brands that have become notorious to the modern consumer market. You must establish your carwash in order to experience ongoing success and outreach. A unique logo, tagline and creating a face/mascot are all ways you can work on curating an identity for your business. After you have developed an identity for your business, you can then focus on maintaining a positive reputation. Avoiding conflict and resolving controversy in a mature fashion will help you have a healthy appearance.

Using social media, having ad campaigns, landing sponsorship, understanding your location, utilizing incentives and having a brand identity are all important. These approaches will help you promote your carwash business in a highly competitive market.

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