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Detailing survey results and feedback

Detailers share their thoughts and predictions for the industry and their businesses.

PC&D detailing survey
How to remove dried pine sap without car damage

A guide on how to remove dried pine sap from a car without damaging the paint.

Wash Talk Ep. 53: Tips for Setting Detailing Prices

Bud Abraham, a detailing industry veteran, discusses best practices for creating detailing prices and selling packages.

Wash Talk Ep. 44: Causes and Treatments for Micro Scratches

This audio reading of “Causes and treatments for micro scratches” discusses what causes micro scratches and how to treat them.

How to wash a vehicle with a car wrap

Safe practices for washing vehicles with car wraps.

car wrap, matte, vehicle
Self-driving vehicles require hand washing

WASHINGTON — With dozens of sensors, self-driving vehicles can’t be put through an automatic carwash.

hand washing, headlights, microfiber towel, employee
Profile of carwash success: Car Pool Car Washes

Staying traditional in the face of change.

Car Pool Car Washes
Profile of carwash success: Bixby Knolls Car Wash and Detail Center

Celebrating 40 years of dedication and success.

Bixby Knolls Car Wash and Detail Center
Automated carwashing vs. hand washing

A detailed examination of the pros and cons of two equally popular carwash methods.

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Established owner takes carwash and detailing business mobile

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Mark Johnson, owner of Buff Masters Hand Car Wash & Detail Center, is also part of the Detail Mafia.

Hand carwash featuring greenhouse to open in Mt. Vernon

MT. VERNON, Ill. — The combined hand wash and greenhouse was developed to provide jobs to the Comprehensive Connections’ clients who have developmental disabilities.

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Splash Car Wash celebrates 35th anniversary by opening new site

BEFORD HILLS, N.Y. — Actor, screenwriter and producer, Chazz Palminteri, was Splash Car Wash’s first customer at its new Bedford Hills location.

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