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Wash Wisdom: 5 tips to help introverted entrepreneurs succeed

Introverts can develop the skills they need to succeed in business.

According to the article “Best 5 Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs” by contributor Larry Alton on www.smallbiztrends.com, while it may seem like all the stereotypical entrepreneurs are extroverts who are comfortable making presentations and pitching their ideas, there are actually plenty of introverted entrepreneurs out there. Introverted entrepreneurs can certainly succeed, Alton says, and he offers five tips to help them overcome some of the challenges of entrepreneurship:

  • Break out of the stereotypical mindset. The first step is to realize that, just as extraverts enjoy spending time alone, introverts also enjoy socializing — people are simply inclined more towards one way or another. Don’t let the generalization that introverts can’t talk well with people (or enjoy it) prevent you from doing so. You can develop the skills you need to succeed but still maintain your personality.
  • Practice. While others may seem to naturally exude confidence and have the ability to talk to anyone, introverts may not, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t develop those skills. As with all things, it merely takes practice. Practice by making small talk with strangers and by keeping conversations going with new people. While it may never be your favorite thing to do, it will help you grow more comfortable speaking to others and navigating conversations.
  • Find a well-connected mentor. If socializing and finding connections at networking events feels beyond your reach at the time, find a mentor who is well-connected. Many introverts prefer to cultivate a deeper relationship with just a few people anyway, so as you build that relationship, you will not only be developing your communication skills, but for the time being, you can borrow some of your mentor’s business contacts as well until you get established.
  • Find your opposites. While you may be the brains and vision behind the company, you can’t do everything yourself. Therefore, you have to build a base of partners who complement you and can help you. For instance, if you feel you don’t communicate strongly or can’t drive sales, find someone who can. No one person should or will have every ability to make a business thrive, so you must find those who have the strengths you do not.
  • Build a business that fits your wants and needs. You are the one creating the company policies, so build the business the way you want to. For instance, if you don’t want to use sales calls and in-person networking to market products, try inbound marketing. Or, if you want to stay out of the media spotlight, create press releases and send those out instead to highlight your products rather than your leadership. There are several avenues to creating a successful business — just find the one that is right for you.

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