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As the season starts to change, it’s time to prepare your car wash

When preparing for winter most operators think product, tips, doors and equipment…

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When preparing for winter most operators think product, tips, doors and equipment, but, did you ever stop to think about the exterior of your wash. The extra effort can make your car wash inviting even in the winter.

Painting – You can take a look around your building to see if anything needs to be repainted. The hot summer sun or strong storms could have damaged some of the paint. By giving it a new coat you can keep your building looking fresh and protect the material underneath to prevent rotting or further maintenance.


Insulation – You can check to see if all your trough hoses are properly surrounded with insulation. When you replace or change a trough hose in summer, it’s easy to forget that you need to surround these hoses with insulation. The insulation is important as temperatures get down to freezing levels. These exposed hoses and fittings could end up freezing, causing a mess for you and possible downtime for your wash. For hoses that are already insulated, make sure that there isn’t any area of the insulation that is worn. If there is, simply replace that area with new insulation.


Roof – Make sure that there aren’t any leaks from the roof. Any leaks that are occurring can cause more problems in the winter. They could possibly freeze causing areas to be unsafe to walk or drive on. Also, check to make sure that any runoff from the roof won’t be hazardous as well.

Lighting – Check to make sure all lighting is working properly. With the winter months and the sunlight becoming less and less, lighting at the wash is important. Customers need to feel safe and comfortable going to your wash. Adequate lighting gives a sense of comfort as the consumer drives into the wash.


Marketing – Check your marketing signs to make sure that they are still in good condition with good color and haven’t faded. Also, check your backlit signs to make sure they look up to standard and the lighting in the signs is working properly.

Landscaping – Make sure that your landscaping is cleared of debris. Trim any bushes or shrubs as needed. Any maintenance that you can do in the fall can make it look presentable and prevent less work in the spring.

Maintenance just doesn’t stop at the equipment or changing of chemical usage. It’s much more than that. To run a successful car wash it is important to look at all aspects of your wash inside and out.


From the Lustra Team – Keep Shining

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