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In-bay Automatics

Don’t forget your listening skills

Even without permanent staff, customer feedback and interaction are important.


Many in-bay automatics do not employ full-time attendants, which reduces cost and provides a lower cost business investment for owners. However, this can also make it hard for operators to get feedback from customers, according to Karen Ott, product marketing manager for Washworld.

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Carwashes have a variety of tools at their disposals to reach out to patrons and the public. Regular interaction can help establish loyal customers and a steady stream of income.

“With the advent of social media — Facebook, Twitter, etc., — savvy owners can reach out to solicit comments as part of their marketing package,” says Ott. Social media outlets allow the posting of videos and pictures of your wash that can be shared among various people on the sites. This interaction can be used to give customers more personal involvement with the business.

Social media can be powerful, but it isn’t a magical fix for the customer interaction issue.

“Even though an owner normally doesn’t have to be on site, it is still a good idea to show up at random times to have some personal contact with customers,” shares Ott. “Prominent contact information should be included on signage at the site as well.”


Make sure your customers can contact you if there is an issue at the location. This will show customers you are transparent and care about their experiences. It can also help make you aware of any maintenance issues that need to be addressed, which could also impact your revenue stream if left unfixed.

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