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Featured Profile: LUV Car Wash

This carwash chain has a lot of love to give.

LUV Car Wash makes sure each vehicle that rolls through its washes gets the love it deserves. In October 2021, Susquehanna Private Capital announced it was partnering with industry veterans Darren Skarecky and JT Thomson to launch LUV Car Wash, a nationwide express carwash. Now, Skarecky serves as co-founder and chief executive officer, and Thomson serves as co-founder and chief development officer. 

Thomson has 20 years of experience in the carwash business. He has owned several carwashes and is considered as one of the founders of the unlimited wash subscription model. The unlimited wash subscription model has revolutionized the carwash industry. Also, as co-founder and chief development officer of GO Car Wash, Thomson oversaw the acquisition of 36 carwash locations in just 18 months. These are just a few of Thomson’s accomplishments in the industry. 

LUV makes the world go ’round

The marketability of the brand’s name is why it was chosen. “When Darren suggested it, I thought it was perfect. It’s simple. It’s super catchy. There’s a ton of great things we can do to play off [the brand name],” Thomson says. On LUV Car Wash’s website, you can find many catchy phrases, such as, “Give your car some LUV,” “All you need is LUV” and more. Like the brand name, the culture of LUV is simple: respect and value your peers. 

LUV makes the world go ’round, but the employees are what makes LUV Car Wash successful. It is important to hire good team members to build a strong team that is inclusive to every group. “LUV is focused on creating advancement to women and people of all ethnicities,” Thomson explains. “LUV recently sent a group of women to the Women in Car Wash conference. Having a strong team that feels valued and respected is the foundation for giving a high quality experience to customers.”

“We want to build a culture where people have fun and feel like they are part of a team,” Thomson continues. When employees have fun, companies succeed. Therefore, it is important to ensure employees have fun while working. LUV offers employees many other benefits
besides a fun workplace, respect, value and well-being. LUV also offers advancement opportunities, flexible schedules and competitive pay. 

LUV’s dedication to providing an elevated customer experience is what makes it unique. “Our big focus is on holistic experience of the customer who comes to the wash,” explains Thomson. LUV gives customers an elevated experience by investing in the newest technology in the tunnel and at the pay station. These newer technologies ensure cars come out clean and the carwashing process is simple and easy for customers. LUV has technology, such as data management, customer marketing, license plate recognition and digital queueing. 

Additionally, at LUV Car Wash, it is important customers have an excellent carwash experience. For that reason, the loyalty program at LUV Car Wash focuses on unlimited washing. People often take pride in their carwashes, so it is important for customers to have good experiences. “Customers refer to locations as, ‘My carwash,’ so it’s important that they have a superior experience,” Thomson notes.

LUV in the community

LUV Car Wash spreads love throughout the communities it serves by taking environmental protection measures. LUV reclaims water at most of its sites, uses technology manufactured to reduce power consumption and uses environment-friendly cleaning supplies. 

LUV also donates to many charities in the communities the carwashes are located in. The charities focus on assisting under-privileged children and first responders. 

Spreading the LUV

LUV Car Wash’s most recent opening was an opening amongst the stars … because LUV opened a wash on the iconic Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. LUV acquired this wash from Sunset Speedwash. “We’re so excited to open up a new LUV Car Wash in such an iconic part of Los Angeles,” Thomson exclaims. 

LUV also recently acquired Ventura West Speedwash, which is also located in Los Angeles. LUV now has seven washes in the city. “We’re proud of how fast LUV has been expanding throughout the country and West Coast, and we look forward to providing more next-level carwash experiences to the Los Angeles community,” Thomson states. 

After these Los Angeles openings, LUV currently boasts 56 operating washes throughout Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, Florida, Los Angeles and San Diego, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. LUV currently has washes in development, and after these units are developed, the chain will have 61 locations. 

LUV has no plans of slowing down. “A major part of our focus right now is going through all of our sites, renovating, upgrading equipment and rebranding to the LUV brand. Additionally, we’re going to be doing a lot of development,” Thomson shared. “We’ll continue to buy washes. We’re going to build washes. It’s kind of a two-pronged approach, and we are not alone in this strategy.”

It is important to ensure the success of new washes. “If you give [new locations] the love they need, you’ll see those really grow at a faster pace than some of the other ones,” Thomson explains. 

Deals of LUV Car Wash

LUV Car Wash offers customers a variety of wash packages. 

The “First LUV” wash costs $10 for a single wash and $22.99 per month or $252.89 annually for an unlimited membership. On LUV’s site, it reads, “Keep clean, shiny and dry with this bundle of car LUVing goodness.”

The “Lotta LUV” wash costs $17 for a single wash and $29.99 per month or $329.89 annually for an unlimited membership. This deal offers cleaning, shining, paint protectant and drying service in that specific order. 

“All the LUV” is the deal that gives the most love to a vehicle. This wash costs $22 for a single wash and $36.99 per month or $406.89 annually for an unlimited
membership. This deal delivers “2x the clean, tire shine, ceramics and our best paint protectant and drying service,” as stated on the carwash chain’s website. 

As an added benefit, the first month of all unlimited memberships only costs $9.99. 

Customers can show friends and family some love by gifting them LUV gift cards. LUV sells $25, $50, $75 and $100 gift cards on the store section of its site, where the other wash deals can also be found. 

LUV over all

As it grows, LUV Car Wash will continue to pride itself on providing an exemplary experience to customers. LUV will grow its family by hiring respectful and dedicated team members who will spread LUV’s culture nationwide.

Gavin Mitten is an editorial intern at Babcox Media. 

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