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General carwash equipment maintenance tips

Basic maintenance can provide years of use.


Recently, PC&D ran a two-part article titled “Carwash equipment 101” by Assistant Editor Meagan Kusek. This article breaks down the equipment used both in all carwash types and in the specific types of carwashes. While the list is by no means comprehensive, it can serve as a starting point for new owners and operators in determining what equipment they need to purchase for a new carwash.

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In the article, Kusek mentions, “Routine maintenance for every piece is key to ensuring that your equipment lasts for several years, upwards of 10 or more.” Considering that your equipment can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in total, you want to keep it in peak condition for as long as possible. Routine maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your equipment.

Kusek continues, “To determine the best maintenance routine for each piece, follow manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedules.” Jim Utterback, director of marketing for Motor City Wash Works, provides some basic carwash maintenance tips mentioned in the article:

  • Keep the wash bay and equipment clean.
  • Conduct daily/weekly system visual checks (leaks, nozzle spray patterns, proper solution application, timing of equipment, chemical inventory levels, etc.).
  • Make sure photo eyes are clean.
  • Properly grease bearings and clean up residual grease so that it does not transfer to wash material, which in turn is transferred to the vehicles.
  • Make sure you have clean air, either by investing in an auto dryer or keeping up on draining the air compressor.

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