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How to start a carwash: Offer a rain guarantee

The Grand Wash Auto in Thornbury, Victoria, Australia, uses a clever marketing technique to lure in wary customers.

Some potential customers of yours might be avoiding a commercial carwash because rain is in the forecast. These potential customers might think the rain will do the necessary washing, or will ruin a professional washing, but, as we in the industry know, this isn't true. So, how do we convince potential customers otherwise?

The answer: Offer a 24-hour rain guurantee.

How to start a carwash Tip #1: Got rain? No problem

Grand Wash Auto in Thornbury, Victoria, Australia offers a guarantee in case it rains. According to the wash's Twitter page, found at, customers are given a free carwash if it rains within 24 hours of the original wash.

How to start a carwash Tip #2: Make the message clear

Along with the Twitter message, another one on the Grand Wsh Auto's wash's Facebook page states: Caught in the rain after getting your car washed?! Never fear the 24 hour rain guarantee is here….just come back within 24 hours receipt in hand and we'll make sure you get a freebie to the same.

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How to start a carwash Tip #3: Keep it positive

Grand Wash Auto, a family-owned carwash that includes a 140-foot express tunnel, wants to keep things positive for its customers. According to the carwash's website, the business's goal "is to provide a refreshingly positive car wash experience and change the way people view car washing."

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