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Manage insurance claims to protect your wash

Have a system in place for tracking claims to avoid problems with insurance coverage.


Having the right insurance coverage for a carwash business is an essential part of operations. Unexpected accidents and emergencies can wreak havoc on a business’ financial stability and utimately decide whether it can continue to operate. Many businesses require coverage unique to their needs, and carwashes are no exception. Keeping track of the claims made at a carwash can also protect the business.

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Mike Benmosché, National Car Wash Program specialist at McNeil & Company Inc., highly recommends operators track all claims that occur to help protect from loss of coverage or increased renewal rates.

“It helps them see a pattern, and from that pattern they can determine whether there’s a need to change the way they operate, or [they] also may need to check certain employees for training and so on,” he explains.

Benmosché has gotten calls from operators who, in the ninth hour, cannot get coverage because no one was paying attention to the claims occurring at the property. Owners can be forced to close the business because the mortgage company will not allow operations without insurance. In rare cases the owner may find a company to cover the carwash, but these companies often charge three to four times as much as other companies, and they offer half the coverage.


Benmosché says badly managing claims can affect renewal pricing and the ability to get good, affordable insurance.

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