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Shopping Around

Some carwash operators mistakenly share this same assumption when it comes to chemicals and equipment...


I am outnumbered by women three to one in my family so I must often accompany them shopping. From a guy’s perspective, shoes, shirts and dresses don’t change much month to month or year to year. Everything seems the same every year. As my wife points out, this is not the case. Clothing and style change constantly whether it is different colors, materials, etc.

Some carwash operators mistakenly share this same assumption when it comes to chemicals and equipment and don’t go looking for the new and innovative products out there. They get stuck in their ways and don’t look to see what is new and innovative out there. Just like the fashion industry, the carwash industry is constantly changing as well. The makers of carwash chemicals and equipment strive everyday to bring the latest and greatest to the industry. They push technology to the edge and develop products that do amazing things. Working for a carwash chemical manufacturer, I know that we are always looking to improve and expand our offerings, whether it is an improved total car protectant, a new, more efficient glass cleaner or a brighter, stronger presoak.

Where can operators shop for the latest and greatest products? Start with your current chemical and equipment providers. It is their job to know about the newest technology out there. Beyond your current suppliers, there are lots of places to search: tradeshows, industry magazines, online forums, etc. Just like when shopping at various stores and malls, you want to find the best quality at the best price among all the products available. Year after year, suppliers come up with ways to provide cleaner, shinier, drier cars. If products are not improving every year, then we, the manufacturers, aren’t doing our job! So shop around and find your best fit and stay in the loop of the newest innovations!

Jerry Vickers is the Western Tunnel Sales Manager at Blendco Systems. Blendco manufactures a full line of detergents and waxes for the professional carwash industry. You can contact Blendco at:

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