According to the article “Tips for saving on costly car wash repairs” by PDQ Manufacturing on, expensive breakdowns and time-consuming repairs can be a nightmare for carwash owners, but one way to minimize the risk of doing “reactive repairs” is to schedule preventive maintenance.

Putting off maintenance often seems like an easy way to cut costs, PDQ says, but in the long run, it can cause additional damage to equipment that could have been prevented.

Here are some tips that PDQ offers to make sure you have a planned preventive maintenance schedule and procedure in place:

  • Establish daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual checklists to establish accountability and a streamlined process.
  • Place the perfected checklists somewhere easy for staff to access and assign everyone certain responsibilities from the lists.
  • As employees complete tasks, they should document the date of completion and note if any further repairs or inspections need to be made.
  • For repairs, use a certified maintenance technician to troubleshoot problems safely and quickly.

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