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5 important factors of window tinting

Made in the shade with this revenue-building opportunity.

When it comes to growing a lucrative car care business, finding new ways to bring in more revenue and also new customers is a smart way to increase profits. Selling do-it-yourself car care products like window tinting, for example, can be an easy way to add a new revenue stream.

With that being said, why not also provide new specialty services for even greater revenue potential in addition to selling DIY products?

Professional window tinting is one such service that can boost business. Not only does this service offer customers an attractive feature for their vehicles, but it also helps to protect the interior upholstery from potential damage from the sun.

However, before you decide to offer professional window tinting services, here are five important factors to keep in mind.

Knowledge of window tinting laws

Window tinting laws vary from state to state. It’s important to make sure your team is aware of and adhere to these laws, and can educate customers accordingly.

Also, make sure a customer who is deciding between a DIY kit and a professional service understands that a tinting kit will not necessarily be compliant with state laws. Remind customers that failing to adhere to state guidelines could leave them vulnerable to tickets and fines.

Proper tools and chemicals

DIY kits to tint windows may include nothing more than a sticky film to place on the window. To establish more trust with your customers, and to hopefully win the upsell, make sure to explain the differences between DIY tools and professional products/techniques.

Moreover, a sticky film application raises a few questions both car care professionals and customers must keep in mind: What happens when the sticker is not quite the right size for the window? Will you be able to cut it well enough so that it fits like a glove? How will you ensure that the film adheres perfectly? Are you certain you can get the window clean enough and apply the tint appropriately for a true fit?

If you plan to offer professional window tinting it’s imperative to use the proper tools and chemicals for a seamless, bubble-free application. With the right cleaning agents, the installer should remove all grit and grime from the window. Once the window is completely clean, cut the window film to perfectly fit the window, making sure to adhere without any bubbling. This will ensure a long-lasting fit. Also, should something go wrong in the installation process, make sure the employee performing this service has the right tools and is properly trained to remove the tint.

Warranty behind their work

Most window tinting professionals offer some sort of workmanship warranty. This means, should the window tint not hold up well, a customer can get it fixed with zero to minimal costs. Another opportunity for upsell: The customer will have no such guarantee if he or she chooses to install the tint — and, with DIY tinting, when it starts to fade, bubble or get dull, the customer has to tackle the job again.

The length of warranty can vary; in fact, a warranty can be offered for only a few years up to a lifetime. Offering a range of warranty packages can help entice more customers to purchase a coverage plan. Make sure to also consult the window film manufacturer to align what you offer with the warranty of the product used.

Skills to tint well

Experience matters. Customers want to know that the person installing the tint has the right experience to ensure a bubble-free application. Making sure your employees are properly trained is critical. This level of experience means employees have the skills necessary to do the job well, and to do it quickly. And, offering training and opportunities to practice helps employees learn from any mistakes made — and find ways to avoid them in the future. This experience is key.

In addition to achieving the basic necessary skills, encourage employees to take pride in their work and to go above and beyond to exceed customers’ expectations.

Cost-efficient option for tinting

Finding the right price will vary depending on the car care business. Factor in product/equipment costs as well as the time and labor needed to perform the service when determining a price point. Prices can range from $150 to $400 or even more for a professional window tinting service. Stating that this is a cost-efficient option may not sound realistic, but make sure customers understand what they are getting for that cost, such as the proper tools and chemicals, experience and warranty, as discussed earlier.

If you are going to invest in offering window tinting services, do it wisely. Do your research and make sure providing this service is the right fit for your business. Keeping in mind the factors highlighted in this article will help ensure you are well on your way to adding a new, steady revenue stream for your car care business.

Rachel Min is director of marketing for Rayno Window Film Inc. Since Rayno’s very beginning, Min has been a key figure in promoting the Rayno brand, products, services and benefits of window films. 


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