How to start a carwash: Tips from Brad Mann owner of the Wash Factory Car Wash

  • Figure out what type of carwash you want to start: After researching and visiting various carwashes Mann settled on exterior express. “I have a technology background and for many years I consulted on how to cut labor costs,” Mann said. “So the exterior express business was a good fit for how I like to run a company.”
  • When starting a carwash find other owners operators to help you answer the tough questions. Keep an eye on your potential competitors. “Watch what they do,” Mann advises. “The best carwashes have the best people.”
  • You will encounter problems. “You can’t get frustrated and give up!” Mann said. He said it took him an average of two years, start to finish, to build each of his locations. He also says you must be prepared to work closely with your local city officials.