National Pride acquires Car Wash Superstore

By Debra Gorgos

National Pride Equipment(NPE), a manufacturer and distributor of self-serve carwash equipment, meter boxes and 4 Paws Pet Wash Equipment, which is based in Ashland, OH, has acquired the assets of Internet and catalog carwash parts distributor Car Wash Superstore, according to an announcement made exclusively to PC&D.

The August 27 announcement also stated that National Pride has also opened its newest distribution facility in Memphis.

The acquisition, which was finalized on August 1, 2013, will not affect the Car Wash Superstore phone number, website address or home base.

Plans are for Car Wash Superstore, which is based in Byhalia, MS, to work in step with National Pride’s warehouse in Ashland and provide the best logistical solutions for product delivery, the press release stated.

NPE Owner and General Manager Trent Walter spoke exclusively to PC&D and said that one of theirgoals for 2013 was to expand their catalog offering and parts distribution for the company.

“Car Wash Superstore’s catalog was one that I had always admired and I had some dialog at the 2012 Car Wash Show™ about working together. I was saddened to hear about the passing of the Superstore’s former owner, Ray Holley, in April of this year, but did not know how that would affect their operations going forward. There were rumblings at the Southeastern Car Wash Association showthat the Superstore was going through a liquidation and I reached out to learn more,” Walter said. “From there, things took off.”

Within a week, Walter said he was visiting the operation and working with the estate on an asset purchase. The best part, he said, was seeing the excitement and energy from the incredible team at the Superstore and from the customers who were thrilled to have Car Wash Superstore open for business.

“As the carwash industry continues to evolve, I believe you will see a movement toward vertical integration of products and services. Acquiring a brand with the awareness and reach of Car Wash Superstore coupled with our current NPE distributor network accomplishes our movement toward both integration and versatility,” Walter said.

Walter said he wants to see the Car Wash Superstore become just that — a true Car Wash SUPERstore with expanded equipment offerings, deeper product lines, larger inventory and greater online utilization. “Car Wash Superstore has one of the best shipping lanes in the country and we need to take full advantage of that. More inventory and quick turns will allow us to focus on what’s important — same day shipping,” he said.

As for National Pride, Walter said it is continuing to grow through its local, national and International customers.  In turn, they have had the need to hire sales and manufacturing associates.  They are also looking to add several more inside and outside sales representative over the next year.  “It is really exciting to invest back into the business, and, more importantly the employees,” said Walter. “My father taught me that you are as strong as the people you are surrounded by.  I took that statement to heart and that is what is driving our success today, the great employees at Car Wash Superstore and National Pride Equipment. “

In speaking to the carwash owners and operators, Walter said they are seeing a lot of economic growth and success in the carwash industry and he is finding that owners are reinvesting into their businesses and buying new equipment, upgrading services and integrating new marketing packages.  “With that,” Walter said, “carwash owners are looking for one place to shop all these needs.  Combined, the Superstore and National Pride offer the diversity to fulfill these needs.  From parts to chemicals, equipment and supplies we now have it all in one place.”