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Inventory of successes and formulating the plan


Rich DiPaolo is the Associate Publisher – Editorial of Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine.

While there are many consultants and experts in this industry who may be able to provide solid guidelines and best practices for success in this market, there is no one solution that fits all. There are too many variables involved. For instance, the successes and busy times of the year for a carwash in Phoenix will typically differ from those of a carwash in Boston. Water regulations and local laws will also differ. Management issues, equipment status, labor performance levels … the list goes on and on.

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Even competition in your local market operates in different ways. No two carwashes are the same.

In many ways, these differences are what make our industry interesting. This competitive nature and drive for leader status is what drives many people to our industry. Just as locals boast about a hometown’s popular restaurant, people also know about the area’s preferred carwash.

Our publication and industry-leading website, along with our multitude of electronic content offerings, often elaborate on methodologies that carwash owners and operators can use to find success in this business. We regularly highlight industry leaders who have implemented tools, knowledge and work ethic to build strong, lasting foundations for profitability.


It is wise to take advice from consultants as needed, read carwash and business books and literature and study your peers — what worked and what did not. In the end, however, since each carwash location is unique, it is your duty to dissect this information as well as your own business’ trends and issues. Ultimately, be practical when applying these ideas. 

In this Age of Information, ignorance is no longer a recipe for success. Equipment and chemical manufacturers are continuously striving to produce the best offerings that will increase productivity and results. Technology is at the forefront of this movement and your equipment and tools should be working smarter so your employees do not have to work harder.


As 2012 winds down, you should have been taking these past few months (maybe while the competition was taking time off) to study your business’ successes and setbacks. Evaluate the carwash’s SWOT analysis — strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. What changes can be made for 2013 to capitalize further on the positives, while minimizing the setbacks?

Change can often put employees and owners outside of their typical comfort zone, but change also can signify growth and hope.

One resource guide that you can use throughout the year is included with this issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing. Our Buyers Guide offers pages of helpful manufacturer and product information. Reliable suppliers and manufacturers can assist you in exploring your carwash’s unique strengths and opportunities for the year ahead and beyond.


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