Tom Tucker, president of Vacutech LLC., says vacuums fulfill the total experience of the customer. “It’s one of the main reasons a customer returns,” he says. “It can make it a destination carwash.”

Tucker says this is especially true if the customer does his or her own vacuuming. Full-serve vacuum systems are becoming less and less common. He says self-serve central systems are cost-effective to operate, and a system is manufactured based on the needs of the carwash. Multiple factors are considered, like how many parking spaces exist at the wash.

Self-serve vacuums also make the experience more personal for the customer. It can remove any anxiety about belongings left in the car, or the techniques and processes used to clean the vehicle.

“They can clean it the way they want to,” says Tucker. “They don’t have to worry about personal property.”

With a self-serve vacuum, customers can be confident their belongings are safe. It is especially suitable if they have pets with them.