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Prevost product showcase

The compressed air and fluid distribution company shows off some brand offerings.

Wash Talk ep. 127: Offering Free Vacuums

Amid rising costs, we wondered if free vacs for customers has a substantial ROI.

Free carwash vacuums are something for nothing

Customers are enjoying the freebie, but are operators and shareholders?

Gateway Car Wash & Detailing celebrates ribbon cutting

CERES, Calif. — The event celebrated the carwash’s remodel.

Wash Talk ep. 119: Big draw vacuums

Insights on the benefits of modern carwash vacuum technology and design.

Big draw vacuums

How to use branding and beyond with today’s vacuum systems.

Wash Talk Ep. 88: Expanding Additional Profit Centers

This audio reading of “Expanding additional profit centers” discusses how to enhance some popular profit centers for carwashes.

Setting up for carwash success

Learn the process for planning and constructing a location that is built to win.

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Planning for the optimal vacuum system

Select a powerful, impressive vacuum system by asking the right questions.

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More booms for your buck

What are the hallmarks of a quality vacuum boom setup?

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Longtime Vacutech engineer killed, donations welcomed

SHERIDAN, Wyo. — Dennis Gresham, 33, was murdered during a random carjacking.

Splash begins construction on new oil change and vacuum system

MILFORD, Conn. — As part of a renovation project, Splash is adding an oil change and vacuum system to a 25-year-old wash.