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Market your bug removal services

Vehicle owners need to know that you’re there to help, so make sure you’re putting it on your signage, on your social media platforms, and in any and all advertisements.


One key to successful business management is recognzing a need from the public and then providing a service to help with that need. And, then, just as importantly, you have to market that need to the public.

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Vehilce owners hate love bugs, stink bugs and any other insects that fly into their cars and then stick to the surface. According to Kleen-Rite Soap Specialist Doug Gibbs, corrosive body fluids from the love bugs, for example, bite into clearcoat. To remove the fluids, "a strong solvent/alkaline-based product," is needed, and  dwell time, followed up with a high pressure rinse. If a driver doesn’t wash it off, "corrosive body fluids can etch into clearcoat and forms a bond with paint."

That last sentence is what you should use in marketing your services to your drivers. Put on your signage that you can remove bugs from vehicles and state:


       Bug remnants are ruining your car. We are here to help.

According to Gibbs, bird dropping are just as dangerous, so in areas with large bird populations, market your services the same way.

In marekting areas where you have more room, such as on Facebook and Twitter, post a message that vehicle owners should not try to remove the carnage themselves. Do-it-yourselfers "could cause scratches if they use too agressive a scrubber pad," according to Gibbs. Therefore, state on your sign or on social media or in an add:

       Bug removal is not a DIY project. Visit <insert name of business> and we will do the work for you.

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