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The Power of the Written Word

Have you ever sent handwritten notes to your mailing list?


I’ve been an instructor in CarWash College for a while now. I really enjoy it, and I believe I learn as much from the students as they do from me.

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One of my greatest satisfactions is when I receive a handwritten note from a student after their attendance in a class. Some may think of it as a small gesture, and on the surface, it is, but looking deeper, it is the ultimate compliment.

We live in a very technologically advanced world where, if we want to, we can send a text or email in a matter of seconds. To have someone sit down, put their thoughts on paper, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and then mail it takes effort and thought. Unfortunately, it’s no longer a common practice.


Have you ever done this to your mailing list? Have you ever sent them all a card, handwritten, just to say thank you and that you value their business? I don’t know about you, but I get inundated with emails from companies I have bought from in the past, most saying something very impersonal and usually with a “personal signature” from the company CEO, whom I’ve never dealt with and most probably never will. I usually dismiss this type of message without ever reading it.

When I go to the mailbox however, and get through all of the ads, catalogs and bills and find a note, hand-addressed to me, I will always stop and open that first. Every time. In my mind, if this person took time out of their day to go through the trouble to handwrite me a note, I’m darn sure going to take the time to read it.


Do you think your customers would have the same reaction if you sent them one? I can’t be the only person to view it this way, can I?

I recently received a note from an executive of an oil company — and not just any executive, but the president of the oil company — telling me how much he enjoyed the class he had attended and that he looked forward to sending their employees down for us to train.

That blew me away! I was impressed by the fact that a guy who obviously has a lot going on would take the time to write a note to an instructor. He obviously subscribes to the theory of treating everyone with respect whether they be the CEO or the janitor. Would your customers be blown away by receiving a handwritten note from the guy or gal whose wash they have been frequenting for years? I’m guessing yes.


If you have a monthly wash program, chances are you already have your customers’ mailing addresses. Why not give it try? The only thing you have to risk is the cost of the cards and the stamps…. Oh, and maybe some writer’s cramp.

Bob Fox has over 30 years of industry experience and is an instructor at CarWash College™. Bob can be reached at [email protected] For more information about CarWash College™ certification programs, visit CarWash College or call the registrar’s office at 1-866-492-7422.


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