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9 new technologies transforming the modern carwash

Innovation is now the name of the game.

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Wash Talk ep. 114: Bright lighting insights

An audio reading of an article discussing advancements in carwash lighting technology.

Bright lighting insights

How using solar and LEDs can save your bottom line.

LED marketing

Increase ROI by marketing with LEDs.

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Wash Talk Ep. 36: Showing off with LEDs

This audio reading of “Showing off with LEDs” discusses the benefits of, options and maintenance needs for LED lighting at carwashes.

Clear communication with signage and menus

Solving the mystery of effective visual communication with carwash customers.

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Showing off with LEDs

How adding a light show and illuminating existing services can boost wash sales.

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Improving images with LEDs

Lights are not just for cameras — they’re also for action.

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Village board calls out carwash’s use of LEDs

ITHACA, N.Y. — The board was concerned the lighting creates a safety hazard for drivers.

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5 winning LED-carwash combos

Specific placements that provide safety and/or marketing.

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Modern marketing with LED lighting

Attract attention, sell services and increase customer loyalty with updated lighting options.

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The sensory carwash experience

Set the stage for the experience of a lifetime.

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