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SONNY's Carwash College™ Tip of the Month

The Great Exaggeration…

Every day you turn on the news and hear how bad it is out there in the real world.

CarWash College™ Tip of the Month
The Great Exaggeration…
Every day you turn on the news and hear how bad it is out there in the real world.
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Unemployment’s up, wages are stagnant, or down, we’re heading toward double digit inflation, gas prices are rising again, etc.. It’s a wonder the economy can get itself out of bed in the morning. To hear the “experts” tell it, it shouldn’t bother. And who knows better than the “experts” that every news channel hires?

You do!

Every day you listen to the naysayers on television or the internet telling you how bad things are and to stay in bed but you do what you’ve always done which is get up and go to work. You can take the easy way out and say, ‘what’s the use?’ but you choose instead to sit down with your team and formulate a plan on how to best attack the issues of the day.


To hear the media tell it, the American Spirit is dead. The American Spirit hears that news, processes what it deems to be worthy, then uses it to its advantage to make its business grow. The American Spirit can be bent, but not broken. No amount of government intervention can phase it. It is amazing in its resiliency. The American Spirit gets us out of bed in the morning and causes us to sometimes lose sleep at night.

Today was the first day of our CarWash College Management class. We hold the class once a quarter and our maximum capacity is 24 students. This morning, 22 students came through the doors eager to find out how they can improve the washes they currently own or run, or for the new investors, how to manage a car wash. There is generally a pretty good mix of existing operators and new investors. This class was no exception. Another commonality that was very visible is the entrepreneurial spirit that each person possesses.


For a lot of these folks, building a wash started as a dream. They had a little money and a big idea. They were told “No” more than once, “No” from the town council regarding zoning, “No” from the bank where they initially tried to get their loan, but they persevered and now they are either wash owners or on their way to becoming one. The American Spirit lives in each of them.

The American Spirit is alive and well and thriving in a tough economy!

I know because I saw it again this morning in the faces of the students.

In an uncertain world one thing is certain, the demise of the American Spirit has been greatly exaggerated…

Bob Fox is an instructor at CarWash College™. Bob can be reached at [email protected]. For more information about CarWash College™ certification programs, visit CarWash College or call the registrar’s office at 1-866-492-7422.

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