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The Love Bug

Along with the changing of the season comes changes in temperatures and new cleaning challenges.



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Along with the changing of the season comes changes in temperatures and new cleaning challenges. Those pesky little insects and those lush green trees can cause a lot of headaches for vehicle owners. Smashed bugs or bird droppings on the grill, windshield and hood, tree sap dripping down because the vehicle owner wanted to park in the shade, or was forced to, can be a challenge to car wash operators to clean these vehicles. It is very important that these nuisances are cleaned off from the affected vehicles immediately.

But why is it important? It is important because the bug's insides are very acidic and when they are smashed onto a vehicle it can cause damage to the paint. The acidity burns through any clear coat sealant they might have, making the vehicle more susceptible to damage. Bird droppings and tree sap have the same effect.


It is also important that the bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap are removed right away. The longer they remain on the vehicle, the longer they can get baked onto the surface making removal even more difficult and damage more evident.

Cleaning products that are meant for cleaning off bugs, bird droppings and tree sap, although may be effective, they can also remove the clear coat on the vehicle's surface. It is beneficial for the car wash operator to be aware of this and a good idea that when a bug prep or remover is available for the wash they should make it available only in packages that have a clear coat sealant applied at the end.


Remember that along with new cleaning challenges of the season comes new opportunities to inform and assist your customers with their cleaning challenges.

From the Lustra Team – Keep Shining

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