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With the news of the recent drought hitting California, it reminds us that there are some things that we take for granted.



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With the news of the recent drought hitting California, it reminds us that there are some things that we take for granted. It also makes us realize that we can't change nature and we need to be prepared ahead of time in case situations like a drought hit your area.

During a drought it is a great time to remind people the pros of going to a professional wash rather than washing at home. A professional car wash requires an average of 45 gallons of water to wash a car. Washing a car at home can average anywhere between 80 to 140 gallons, according to the ICA. That's a 100% to over 200% increase in water consumption. Advertise these statistics to your consumer. You can even run a special promotion to help encourage them to wash their vehicle at your wash instead of at home.

There are various little things that can be done to help conserve water but there is also equipment that can be installed to help your operation run more efficiently. For example, a technologically advanced injection system that uses the exact amount of water that you need to produce an effective car wash. These systems can also inject air into the water flow to reduce the amount of water and chemical used. The more precise application of chemical also helps reduce the amount of water required to rinse the vehicle.


Reclaim systems are also available for professional car washes that instead of disposing of water, reuse the wash water. There are retrofit options available for your car wash to install a reclaim system. It is important to really understand your needs and your options for a reclaim water system. Some systems simply capture water and allow it to settle before recirculating while other more sophisticated systems use a combination of settling tanks of various sizes, filters as well as organic agents to clean and treat the water.

The ICA has complied information to help with water conservation. You can view these reports on the ICA web site

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