Built to last equipment requires your attention - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Built to last equipment requires your attention

In recent years many carwash owners and operators decided to invest in general maintenance to extend older equipment. These incremental investments, compared to new equipment investments, helped some owners and operators get through tough years as the economy struggled. If you are in the market for new equipment today, many advanced innovations are available that focus on the environment, performance, smart technologies and profitability for carwash owners, operators and detailers.

One place to see all of these technologies is next year at The Car Wash Show™ 2015, which will take place in Las Vegas April 23-25. For more information visit www.carwash.org/thecarwashshow.

However, even the most advanced equipment will require some preventative maintenance to maintain peak performance through the course of its useful life. In this month’s cover story, our Managing Editor Robyn Tucker speaks with some industry professionals regarding the importance of preventative maintenance.

Considering the level of technology, automation and computer-based features found in today’s equipment, staying on top of preventative maintenance with today’s equipment is in some ways more complex and easier than with older equipment.

The carwash industry is all about taking advantage of key opportunities and exceeding customers’ expectations with quality services. It simply cannot be overstated how important equipment and maintenance investments are to your business.

We hope to see you in April at the show.

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