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How to start a carwash: Market your business, part 2

Five more tips for promoting a new business and developing the ever-important return customers.

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The site is selected, the equipment is purchased, the employees are trained and the doors are open. Now what?

Properly promoting your car care business is huge step in success. Here are five more tips for promoting a new business and developing the ever-important return customers.

How to start a carwash tip 5: Add lobby items, food or coffee.

For bustling families, the ability to complete multiple transactions at one location can be a huge benefit. The option to grab a fresh-brewed coffee and pick up a greeting card while their vehicle gets washed is attractive to a generation obsessed with multitasking. There are a number of lobby and impulse-sale items out there to boost your audience and increase marketing effectiveness.

How to start a carwash tip 6: Invite a food truck.

Use this option to connect with other small businesses and entrepreneurs in your community. These relationships can pay large dividends in the future. Inviting a food truck to your site can boost your reputation with young drivers and local “foodies.” Also, maybe their food truck needs a wash?

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How to start a carwash tip 7: Schedule local sports advertising.

Sponsorship of youth, high school or college sports teams, or even advertising with local minor league teams, can be great options to market your business to families, students and young drivers. Tap into younger generations interested less in do-it-yourself washing. Advertising options include on-field signage, advertisements in game programs and giveaway or special event sponsorships.

How to start a carwash tip 8: Utilize social media sites.

Almost all consumers turn to the Internet for information on a business before visiting. Having an active and up-to-date presence online is of monumental importance. The first step is an organized and attractive website. Next, get educated on search engine optimization and other Internet best practices. These tips can be learned during trade show educational sessions or found through industry resources including trade groups and publications. Finally, developing a presence on social media sites — specifically Facebook and Twitter — is especially important. Include links to your website and social media profiles in all marketing materials and advertising to get the most reach from this investment.

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