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How to Start a Carwash: Tips for productivity, part two

Disconnecting during deadlines and empowering your team can help your business run smoothly.


In part two of this article, we continue with a presentation of tips from The Huffington Post about how to avoid becoming overwhelmed with daily minutia that can cause you to neglect the big picture of running a successful business.

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  1. Set up an “offers” email address. Use an email inbox dedicated to newsletters, promotions, etc., and don’t check it as often you do your personal email, recommends the article. Checking the address twice a week at the end of the day will help you stay on top of it without affecting your other work.
  2. Empower your team. Treat your team equally so all members feel empowered. Improved company morale increases productivity, notes the article. Micromanaging shouldn’t be necessary — if you do, you've hired the wrong people.
  3. Disconnect from technology during crunch time. According to the article, you can improve your productivity when you eliminate every possible distraction when you really need to get stuff done. “Shut down your email, forward your office calls to voicemail, switch your mobile device to airplane mode and unplug all other technology. This allows you to focus 100 percent.”
  4. Work outside of your office. Spend one day each week away working somewhere else, shares the article. Mobile technology makes this possible, sparks creativity and prevents burnout.
  5. Slow down on personal social media. We love knowing what’s going in other people’s lives, but checking in during the workday only hurts your productivity, explains the article. Ask yourself which is more important: seeing what others are having for lunch or building your business. Of course, using social accounts for networking, etc., (like LinkedIn) doesn’t count.

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