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The purpose and function of carwash doors

Professional, modern equipment can make a huge impact.

The purpose and function of carwash doors
6 ways carwash customers can protect their credit card information

Necessary actions your customers should take to protect their credit cards from fraud.

EMV technology for carwashes

Why you may need to update the payment security at your business.

Modernize processing for today’s customers

How to use cashless payment for better customer satisfaction,
lower operational cost and improved reliability.

Wash Talk, Ep. 99: Video Intelligence

A video intelligence expert explains how new camera software can assist carwash’s throughput and damage claim processes.

Market Focus: Mister Car Wash announces new safety program

This week, we cover a new partnership and a blood drive.

PC&D Unscripted Ep. 9: Lessons from a Cyberattack

AJ Davison, IT director at Hoffman Car Wash, discusses cyberattacks and associated risks.

cyberattack, aj davison
Proper and effective site surveillance

New cameras are only as good as your entire surveillance plan.

security cameras, surveillance, carwash tunnel
Wash Talk Ep. 24: Keeping a Watchful Eye

This audio reading of “Keeping a watchful eye” discusses the top five benefits of having a surveillance system in place at a carwash.

Site surveillance update

How modern security and recording technology protect carwash profitability.

security camera, surveillance
A 360-approach to customer safety

Using technology, monitoring and employee training to create a safe and secure wash site.

security camera, surveillance
How to prevent crime at your carwash

Too often, we think crime only happens to others.

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